Treesponsibility on BBC Breakfast News

You may have seen this when we first planted on this site in early March and were filmed for BBC Breakfast News.

This was one of the many landslips caused by the Boxing Day Flood. Tons of mature trees and earth slipped from Meadows Edge down onto a garden below. Boris who lives in the house below heard a terrible roar and watched as tons of earth slipped onto her garden. Only her stout terraces and polytunnel saved her home. She called in Treesponsibility, who arranged for SOURCE partners Black Bark Woodland Management to build facines to stabilise the slip. Facines are bundles of brash the usually bi-product of woodland management that are pinned to the hillside with wooden stakes. We came and planted trees after. You might well think that if trees were on the land that slipped anyway, how can more trees help? Well a lot of the trees were beech which are not native to this part of Britain They are shallow rooted which means their roots do not pin the soils to the substrate. They also have a dense canopy in summer which means the ground under the trees is completely shaded out so nothing grows leaving bare and vulnerable soil. To replace them we planted deep rooting oaks and tough spreading blackthorns.