Dongria Memorial Service 10th July 2021

On Saturday we had a beautiful Quaker Memorial Service for Dongria. As Dongria had wished, there was an unattended cremation followed later by the service. Dongria was represented by her ashes, images: a photograph and a drawing, and her flat cap, and trees, one a new-sprung oak sappling.

After Dongria passed away, an oak tree sprang up in the middle of the lawn at Kate’s (Dongria’s daughter, Dongria spent the last 6 weeks of her life at Kate’s home in Cheshire).

Quakers do not have a hierachy or ministers. A Quaker Elder holds the space and introduces the meeting. Anyone who feels moved to speak may stand and do so. The act of speaking in the meeting is called: to give ministry.

We thank the Quaker Elder, Alex. We are greatful to everyone who chose to give ministry and for their wise, funny, sad, and beautiful words. We are greatful for the silence. The stillness in the room was profound. Together we created a fitting memorial for Dongria.

We would like to thank Lambert Print and Design of Hebden Bridge for gifting the memorial card



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